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Animal groupings on march - Clovis News Journal

Advertisement Here at the Homeless Language Shelter we’re keeping a wary eye on the annual March for Animals in Washington, D.C. We’re not sure what animals they’re marching for, but human beings, mostly news reporters, get all tangled up when they try to describe the event. Here’s the problem: Reporters generally have limited knowledge of specific terms for groups of animals. Lord knows, they’ve got enough to remember what with e-mail porn addresses and White House phone spying. They’ve always known about prides of lions and gaggles of geese, but for most animals they rely on the term “bunch,” or sometimes “a mess of.” So I looked up “animals” in my Reverse Dictionary, which is the only good reading since Louis L’Amour died, and there I found that a gathering of apes is called a “shrewdness.” Can’t you just hear this cry in the jungle? “Run faster, Jane! A shrewdness of apes led by a naked man is chasing us!” Some other terms for groups are: n A “mob” of kangaroos. “A mob of kangaroos is on a panty raid over at Crocodile State.” n A “destruction” of wildcats, a “business” of ferrets, a “skulk” of foxes, and a “leap” - more available

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