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White Phosphorous, Daisy cutters, Depleted Uranium, Thermobaric ... -

White Phosphorous, Daisy cutters, Depleted Uranium, Thermobaric bombs, Clusterbombs, Napalm... The US uses WMD against civilians. Dirk Adriaensens, coordinator SOS Iraq, Executive committee BRussell> (12 Nov 2005) "Injuries to everyone involved in war - civilians and troops of all sides - shown supreme contempt for international humanitarian law ever since WW2. If this war shows one thing it is the need for the World to start to get control over the barbarity of the US military industrial complex. Criticisms of Saddam Hussein's record of atrocities fade into history as they are eclipsed by the industrialised killing that US Forces have spent billions of dollars perfecting." (Dai Williams, April 06 2003) The war on Iraq is an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe. Many health workers, professionals and students the world over added their voices to the massive protest movement. They were of the opinion that, apart from providing health services, their task also includes the prevention of diseases, injuries, and death because of this unjust war. Despite the global protests, war was unleashed on Iraq. The Belgian NGOs Medical Aid for the Third World (MATW) in cooperation with S.O.S. Iraq ( ) had a Medical Team of two doctors in Baghdad, - more available

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