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Alaska Technical Center

Po Box 51
Kotzebue, AK 99752

General Phone: 907-442-3733
Financial Aid Phone: 907-442-3733
Sector: Public, less-than 2-year

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Latest Alaska Technical Center News

Kasim Tirmizey interviews David Barsamian - ZNet

DB: He was doing odd-jobs, in fact he had even been in Colorado as a ski instructor, then he went to Alaska to climb mountains, he had been doing odd things. He is a late bloomer, he is in his late 30's, he decide to become a journalist, which I thought was brilliant, it kind of in a way resonated with my own experience, I am kind of a late bloomer, I didn't get started in doing this kind of work until I was into my mid or late 30's, I had been doing other things, playing sitar, teaching English as a second language in the World Trade Center, jobs like that. I found it very admirable that Dahr just got up and went to Iraq and reported on what was going on there. So these were some of the people giving testimony. Haifa Zangana was there, from Iraq. A number of Iraqi women testified as to what was going on, how the war was affecting particularly women. And so the Tribunal met in Istanbul, it was organized by people in Turkey, very well done. I must tell you that the locale of the Tribunal was of significance, it was - more available