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Divine Word College

102 Jacoby Dr Sw
Epworth, IA 52045

General Phone: 563-876-3353
Financial Aid Phone: 563-876-3353
Sector: Private nonprofit, 4-year or above
Classification: Other specialized institutions

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Sagario: Replace what you take at work -

I am notorious for "borrowing" things from my sister.I'd come home from college to visit and use her hairbrush, lotion or pen, and then find those things tucked away in my purse on my way back to school.She'd eventually call inquiring about her stuff that had mysteriously disappeared. I'd 'fess up, apologize and lament how I was a poor college student who just couldn't afford anything. She'd be a little irked, but forgiving.I got away with "borrowing," because, well, we're sisters. We're family.It is difficult, however, not to let borrowing habits seep into the workplace.You've been known to grab an occasional tissue or two off a co-worker's desk. You and your pod buddy happily share a stapler and tape dispenser that sits squarely between your two desks. You also have access, by mutual consent, to calculators, rulers, can openers and chewing gum that co-workers have squirreled away.While this community sharing is a pretty cozy set-up, you shouldn't take advantage of people's good will. While your family may be resigned to your filching ways, the clan at work shouldn't have to put up with that behavior. So as a reminder to the office courtesy-challenged, WorkBytes has compiled some basic, common rules - more available