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The Hair Design School

640 Knox Blvd
Radcliff, KY 40160

General Phone: 270-351-4473
Financial Aid Phone: 502-491-0077
Sector: Private for-profit

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Up there for thinking - Sydney Morning Herald

The boy who played with model aeroplanes, who as a man moved to the north of England to build his futuristic prototype aeroplane, Kelvin 40, is clearly flying high as he tries to recapture the romance of air travel. "The designing part is easy; it's working within the limitations of the industry that's hard. Health and safety, various kinds of crash testing, fire regulations - there are a gazillion-and-one parameters that you have to work within. There is about 5 per cent room for creativity. In some ways, it's like joining the dots, but you express yourself between the dots." Lest we suspect he's complaining, he quickly says, "That's design, that's the nature of what I do in all of my projects and with all of my clients." So can you say that the Qantas commission has been fun? "Yes," Newson says, "In the sense that design is my job and my job is fun."