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Simmons Bible College

1811 Dumesnil
Louisville, KY 40210

General Phone: 502-776-1443
Sector: Private nonprofit, 4-year or above

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Doyle Brunson - The Godfather Of Poker -

When you think of the world of sports, you can call out certain names and the sport is readily recognizable. If you mention Michael Jordan, you immediately think of basketball. If it is Pele, then the sport is what the world recognizes as football and what America calls soccer. When it comes to the world of poker, the one name that is synonymous with the game is that of Doyle Brunson. If there was anyone in poker who was fitted for a life story, autobiography or movie, it would most definitely have to be the man who brought poker to the masses. Born on August 10th, 1933 in Longworth, TX, and now living in Las Vegas, Doyle started playing poker even when in high school. While he was able to take money off of his teammates, Brunson was actually more skilled at the game of basketball. He led his team to the Texas state championship and was courted by the Minneapolis (now known as Los Angeles) Lakers during the heyday of the legendary George Mikan. Events occurred, however, that forced Doyle off that path to basketball stardom. While on his way to play with one of the fifty greatest players - more available