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Gemological Institute Of America

580 5th Ave Rm 300
New York, NY 10036-4794

General Phone: 212-944-5900
Financial Aid Phone: 760-603-4005
Sector: Private nonprofit, less-than

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Latest Gemological Institute Of America News

Wise Filipinas invest in jewelry - Sun Star

Monday, October 17, 2005 Wise Filipinas invest in jewelry THE Chinese word for 'crisis' is the word used to connote 'opportunity.' This is because for ages, the Chinese believed that where there is crisis there is opportunity. No doubt, life is difficult and one need only to look at the headlines or watch prices go up to know for sure. And yet, wise people would rather look for opportunities than dwell on negativism. As inflation nibbles at our spending capacity each day, investing in assets that constantly appreciate - like jewelry - makes perfect sense. In fact most jewelry purchases were made by women for investment reasons, according to Margie Florete, the head gemologist for F&C Jewelry. Investing in jewelry has its benefits. Precious metals like gold and gemstones never lose value and pawnshops generally accept these. Once cash is needed, the investor simply visits the nearest pawnshop and pawns one small piece of jewelry at a time unlike real estate property or a pre-need insurance plan with an unstable company. Portability is yet another inherent advantage in jewelry investments and OFWs know this too well for they would bring home rings, bracelets, and pendants knowing that customs officials will - more available