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Fayetteville Beauty College

3442 Bragg Blvd
Fayetteville, NC 28303

General Phone: 910-487-0227
Financial Aid Phone: 910-487-0227
Sector: Private for-profit, less-than

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Latest Fayetteville Beauty College News

Why there is no poetry in the newspapers - Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (subscription)

FAYETTEVILLE — Were this a better world, were we finer people, then the pages of newspapers might be colonized by poems. For poetry—real poetry, I mean, and not the easy heartfelt spew that gushes when we press our wounds—bears witness to truth in a way the careful (and sometimes not so careful) words of journalists cannot. But too much truth is toxic to the compromised and canny creatures we’ve become; we have to measure it out with a medicine dropper. Just a little is enough in our daily diet of reassuring, entertaining and, above all, highly processed pabulum. (We need it all to taste pretty much the same, a little sweet, like a fast food hamburger or a candy bar.) We’ve lost our taste for poetry, or else we’ve never discovered it. We like things said straight out and vulgar, or subverted at the end by a punch line or a picture of a pretty prancing pony. We like our bad guys bad and our good guys us. We like to be told how special and brave and able to overcome all manner of hardship to rise again we all are—and we like to be told this in terms certain - more available