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College Of Legal Arts

1411 Sw Morrison St, Suite 350
Portland, OR 97205-1971

General Phone: 503-223-5100
Financial Aid Phone: 503-223-5100
Sector: Private for-profit

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Latest College Of Legal Arts News

Ladies' Man - Boston Globe

Monroe Inker, the man, is slight, stooped at the middle, propped up with a cane. His voice has the gravel and speed bumps of age. His clothes are finely tailored but assembled in a clashing pastiche - bright blue shirt, brighter pink tie, suspenders of muted red and beige and black. He is unfailingly polite, gentle in manner. Mellow, even. Monroe Inker, the legend, is something else altogether. In a half-century of mucking around in the slop of failed Massachusetts marriages, he's been called a "cobra," accused of being overly aggressive and a publicity hound, thrown out of the Massachusetts Bar Association, and sued for malpractice. Which is why it's so hard to reconcile the man with the legend. On this beautiful late-summer day, he doesn't want to talk about his legacy or the column inches that he's generated as the puppeteer behind this town's juiciest high-profile divorces. He's just dissolved his 35-year-old law firm and is in his new office at Rubin and Rudman. The old one stared straight at a brick wall. But from his new perch at Rowes Wharf, where, at 80 years of age, he hopes to begin the next, and probably last, chapter of his - more available