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North American Institute Of Aviation

Conway-Horry Co Airport 1700 Airport Road
Conway, SC 29527

General Phone: 843-397-9111
Financial Aid Phone: 843-397-9111
Sector: Private for-profit

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Latest North American Institute Of Aviation News

Israel Defense Forces: A Proud History - Israel News Agency

The battle ended with the Syrian retreat. Israeli forces captured the village of Zemah, North-East of Degania. The existence of armed forces responsible to the elected government of a nation is one of the hallmarks of a democratic nation-state. Before the establishment of the State of Israel, a number of armed Jewish defense organizations operated. In addition to the Haganah and Palmach, which answered to the elected leadership of the Jewish national institutions, other armed defense groups, namely the Lehi (Lohamei Herut Israel or 'fighters for the Freedom of Israel') and the IZL (Irgun Zevai Le'ummi or 'National Military Organization') operated independently. It was only natural that when the independence of the State of Israel was declared the new, legal Government would decide to establish a single, unified armed force loyal to the Government of the State of Israel: The Israel Defense Forces.