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Bradford School Of Business

4669 Southwest Fwy Ste 300
Houston, TX 77027

General Phone: 713-629-1500
Financial Aid Phone: 713-629-1500
Sector: Private for-profit, less-than

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Latest Bradford School Of Business News

Outside Looking In - TIME

BRITANNIA'S RULES Khaddam Hussain arrived in the northern English city of Bradford at the age of 8. His parents, like many Pakistanis in the early 1960s, had come to fill their former colonial rulers' demand for cheap labor. While his father kept his head down working at the woolen mill, Khaddam coped with racism. "I was the only Asian in the whole school," he says. "Day in and day out I got beaten up and some teachers just stood there." Soon, though, there were few white faces left in the Manningham district, where his family lived. Asians moved into the terraced houses and eventually, Pakistani supermarkets banned alcohol. Children learned little English and not much else at ill-funded schools that were almost 95% Asian. As they grew older, young men complained of police insensitivity and borderline brutality. Some, like Khaddam's son Adnan, had enough resourcefulness and family help to start their own businesses, but many can't find a way out of the ghetto.