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Ogle School Of Hair Skin And Nails

2200 W Park Row Ste 106
Arlington, TX 76013

General Phone: 817-460-8181
Financial Aid Phone: 817-461-2500
Sector: Private for-profit, less-than

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Things You Should Not Do At An Interview -

I know that’s like a, do-not-forget-to-wear-your-pants instruction. Painfully redundant. But just so you don’t forget. · Never take your ipod to the interview room· Don’t smoke before interview. The tobacco smell is stronger than you think.· Do not chew gum. You’d look like a ruminating cow.· Do not ask too many questions. Remember who is the interviewee? That’s right, YOU!· Do not keep glancing at watch. Even if it is a Swatch Skin, its not legitimate reason enough. They’d think there’s some other place, you’d rather be.· Do not ogle at the interviewer’s secretary. When you are boss, you can get your own.· You and the interviewer are NOT on first-name-basis. · Do not sing or dance to demonstrate talent. · Do not demand to know the interviewer’s salary. I think you’ll be okay now. And yes, a little application of common-sense would go a long way in getting that coveted job/admit. Good luck!View Comments (0) Things You Should Not Do At An InterviewBy The Career Counsellor Past acads no cause for worry during admissions - IIM Calcutta's Prof Anup K SinhaBy Allwin Agnel and Apurv Pandit Know your PGite - hereiam-FMS Delhi- 2006By The People Stalker "We - more available