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1401 W Cypress Creek Rd
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309

General Phone: 954-492-5353
Financial Aid Phone: 954-492-5353
Sector: Private nonprofit, 4-year or above
Classification: Associates Colleges

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Bill O'Reilly is Right About Gay Teens Warren Throckmorton, PhD Is there a battle over gay teens? If you can believe a recent Time Magazine cover story, war is on between gay activists and social conservatives over adolescents who are declaring gay and lesbian identities at early ages. Bill O'Reilly, host of the number one cable news show, the O'Reilly Factor recently interviewed the author of the Time article, John Cloud about the issue. Both men expressed differing views on the matter and as I explain below, I believe Mr. O'Reilly to be closer to the correct view. Central to the dispute is the impact of self-labeling. Is the proper response to same-sex feelings experienced by youth to come out as gay or lesbian or is it to wait for more mature times to declare a sexual identity due to pliability of sexual feelings and general adolescent confusion? A related issue takes us into the consequences of adolescent choices for public policy. Is the increased emphasis on gay acceptance in schools creating pressure on confused teens to declare early and become militant about gay rights to meet adult expectations? The Time article leaves no question that teens are experiencing same-sex - more available