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Thompson Bible Institute

13445 Thompson Twp Rd 178
Bellevue, OH 44811

General Phone: 419-483-2023
Sector: Private nonprofit, 4-year or above

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Latest Thompson Bible Institute News

Commentary by Mark Creech - Agape Press

...A Christian family practitioner in Washington, DC, says the risk of an avian flu pandemic is real, but precautions can be taken. Dr. Don Thompson says the flu virus is one that is constantly changing, which is why there is an outbreak every winter. He says so far the only people who have really been sickened by the avian flu are people in Asia who directly handle poultry. And right now, Thompson notes, the ailment is not easily transmittable from person to person. However, he adds, steps can be taken to slow down transmission. "From the individual's point of view, perhaps one of the most important things is to get a flu shot every year," Thompson recommends. "The annual flu shot is not specific toward the avian influenza virus, but it provides good protection against influenza in general and against several respiratory infections that seem to be associated with influenza." Thompson says the most important thing people can do to stop any type of infection is hand washing. He also says staying home during an outbreak of any kind of influenza could also be effective. [Mary Rettig]