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Western Technology Center

621 Sooner Drive
Burns Flat, OK 73624-1469

General Phone: 580-562-3181
Financial Aid Phone: 580-562-3181
Sector: Public, less-than 2-year

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Space Bond of the Anti-Western Alliance - Focus News

| ANALYSES | Geopolitics Space Bond of the Anti-Western Alliance 17 October 2005 | 13:26 | Axis Information and Analysis Pavel Simonov, Allister Maunk, AIA”The Satellite systems of the future will have primary tools of the highest value for use in wars of the XXI century. They can play any role: from intelligence gathering to marking targets for the striking of blows from space - as well as "psychological" fire - the radiations of special frequencies to influence the human brain.” - The chief expert of the Russian Institute of National Security and Strategic Research, Sergey Kazennov During the first weeks of this month, Russia marked two anniversaries connected to the beginning of the Space Age. Forty-eight years ago on October 4, 1957 the USSR launched the first artificial satellite from earth – the Sputnik. For the Soviet Union, besides winning the space race against the USA, it was a sign of the beginning of a new age in the military sphere, and a new age of conflict with "Western Imperialism"… Of course, it was claimed that the satellites would be used for the needs of the "national economy" and as an example it was often pointed out that the - more available