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New Dimensions School Of Hair Design

705 Illinois Ste 12
Joplin, MO 64801

General Phone: 417-782-2875
Financial Aid Phone: 417-782-2875
Sector: Private for-profit, less-than

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Israel Says Never Again With New Holocaust Museum - Israel News Agency

Visitors enter the Hall in the circular space between two reciprocal cones onto an elevated ring-shaped platform between them. Surrounding the platform is the circular repository, housing the Pages of Testimony collected so far, with empty spaces for testimonies not yet submitted - room for six million Pages in total. World-renowned architect Moshe Safdie designed a unique building for the new Museum. "The story of the Holocaust has no equal," Safdie says. "I felt that it cannot be accommodated in a conventional building. I wanted it to be like an archeological remnant. Responding to Yad Vashem's request to preserve the pastoral character of the Mount of Remembrance, and that the Hall of Remembrance - the focus of commemoration of past years - maintain its centrality, I conceived of a prism-like structure that cuts through the mountain from the south, extending 200 meters to the north." "The galleries," says Safdie, "accommodating the exhibits designed by Dorit Harel, straddle the prismț, as skylights penetrate upwards through the landscape, bringing daylight to the depth of the Museum. The path culminates in the Hall of Names. It is surrounded by files containing Pages of Testimony with the names of victimsț. A suspended cone rises - more available