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Manhattan School Of Computer Technology

42 Broadway - 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10004

General Phone: 212-349-9768
Financial Aid Phone: 212-349-9768
Sector: Private nonprofit, less-than

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Latest Manhattan School Of Computer Technology News

Opinionist: The Tao of Dobkin - Gothamist

A couple of months ago, I had an epiphany. I had recently graduated from NYU's business school, and strapped down with 120k of MBA debt, I was seriously considering taking one of those white collar MBA jobs-- some job with a title like "management consultant" or "ebullshit strategist." There was only one wrinkle in this otherwise perfect plan: the idea of doing one of those jobs made me feel like throwing up-- all the time. I was literally nauseous for two weeks, and then it came to me: why was I doing this? Sure-- to make money. But why did I need to make money? To buy stuff, to buy an apartment-- the materialist dreams of every New Yorker. But what if I flipped that equation around: instead of making more money to buy more stuff, and buying a larger apartment to hold all that stuff in, what if I threw out all of my stuff, slimmed down my material needs, and learned to live in a smaller space? If I did that, I'd need a lot less money, and that would give me the freedom to choose a job that I actually wanted to do: working on Gothamist full-time.