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Alternative Conjunction Clinic & Sch Of Mass Ther

716 State St
Lemoyne, PA 17403-1536

General Phone: 717-737-6001
Financial Aid Phone: 717-737-7180
Sector: Private for-profit, less-than

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Israel Psychologist: Neurofeedback, An Alternative Therapy for ... - Israel News Agency

A study which was published in 2003 in the Journal of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, a respectable journal, and the scientist was T. Fuchs et al. It says that results from this study indicate that both stimulant medication treatment and neurofeedback treatment resulted in statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvement in children with ADHD. These gains were evident on laboratory assessments of attention and on behavior ratings from parents and teachers. The improvement reported by teachers is especially noteworthy because teachers - unlike parents - were not aware of which treatment children had received. Overall, the benefits obtained by children receiving each treatment appeared to be comparable. This study adds to a growing body of literature supporting the efficacy of neurofeedback as a treatment for ADHD. Results from this study suggest that neurofeedback can be an effective treatment on its own.