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Deep Muscle Therapy School

5317 Limestone Rd
Wilmington, DE 19808

General Phone: 302-239-1613
Financial Aid Phone: 302-239-1613
Sector: Private for-profit, less-than

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Fighting the flu - Indianapolis Star

Is it a cold or the flu? Pop quiz: How can you tell a cold from the flu?Answer: Look to the symptoms, say the experts at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.Influenza:High fever of up to 102 or higher, often lasting for three to four days; deep pains and muscle aches; chills; headache; dry cough and chest discomfort; fatigue and weakness. At the beginning of the illness, extreme exhaustion. Complications include bronchitis and pneumonia, which can be life-threatening.Common cold:Slight aches and pains, stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, hacking cough. Rarely accompanied by a fever or headache. Complications include sinus congestion, middle ear infection and asthma.Still not sure?You're not alone. Some people get bad colds that look like the flu. Other people have mild versions of the flu."Sometimes it can be very difficult to differentiate," says Dr. Christopher Belcher, pediatric infectious disease specialist at St. Vincent Hospital.That's where a simple test with a rapid response rate, available in most doctors' offices, can provide a definitive answer on whether it's the flu.And if it is the flu -- and it's early in the illness -- you can take an antiviral like Tamiflu or Relenza that will help shorten the duration.If - more available